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Learn Indonesian in Bali

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Learn Indonesian in Bali | Bahasa Indonesia Courses | Language School

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Learn Indonesian in Bali

Do you want to learn Indonesian in Bali? Indonesian is an easy language to learn, and Bali is the perfect place to learn Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia).

“Let’s Learn to Speak Indonesian”

We will help you speak Indonesian easily.

Our teachers are highly trained and motivated and also all of them have a university degree. We make oral communication as a priority, we will help you listen and understand the lessons and also to speak and express yourself naturally and appropriately with correct pronunciation and intonation.

When you learn a language, it means you learn to communicate using the target language, which is why we create learning activities based on the communicative approach. So you will not only learn the grammar and language theory. By doing a lot of practice to communicate in the target language, you will be able to identify how a sentence is usually built in the Indonesian language, then you will be able to build your own sentences in conversation.

We always offer the best prices for Indonesian lessons.

We have satisfied most of our students because we offer the best service at the best price. We love our students and you deserve the best price and the best service.

Bali Language School is located in Seminyak Bali.

Our school is located in Seminyak Bali, only 10 minutes from Kerobokan, Legian, Canggu and Kuta. With its wide sandy beach and magical Balinese sunset, many people spend a lot of time here. There are many wholesale price furniture and handicraft shops, famous bars, restaurants and shops. The area has a thriving community of expatriates who live and run businesses in Bali. On one side, the wild surf crashes onto the golden sand beach and the towering coconut trees vanish into the haze. Seminyak is a perfect place to reflect on life, go for long works along the beach in the cool of the morning and just relax. Seminyak is home to some of the finest restaurants.

Indonesian courses (Learn Indonesian at our school or at your residence)

Either in private or group classes discover the essence of Indonesian. Discover the courses we offer and why our teachers offer a great opportunity for your learning experience. Our teachers are very flexible, they can teach you at our school or at your residence.

You can learn Indonesian in many ways, as we offer a wide variety of options and courses. Whether you are a beginner or advanced student of Indonesian, you will find the perfect option to learn Bahasa Indonesia with us.